New Earth Circle started from an idea of Giancarlo Barbadoro and Rosalba Nattero on Tuesday 2nd September 1986 in Forres in the Scottish Highlands.
The birth of this spiritual movement, which was to play an important role for Mankind, was marked by magical events leading to its constitution. The founders had followed those special signs that often inspire important new directions in life to find themselves in the company of other promoters of cultural movements from all over the world in an unexpected, mysterious meeting, where the common desire was to work on making a contribution to the well-being of Mankind.
There were Eileen Caddy, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland (UK); Leon Moscona, Sofia (Bulgaria); Arlette Nathanael (California, USA); Ola Cassadore and Mike Davis, Apache Community San Carlos (Arizona, USA); A. Tikhonov, Moskow (URSS); Yanick David, Paris (France); Huan Han Tsi, Beijing (China); and others...
It was spontaneous and natural to join in meditation,uniting the various ideological tendencies into a single, impartial spiritual direction; just as it was natural to try to make the event more permanent. It was the right moment for Giancarlo and Rosalba to set out the aim that had led them there and propose that all those present should make a spiritual contribution towards a better future for Mankind by working together, beyond the individual schools of thought.
The idea was accepted enthusiastically and, under an incredibly starry Scottish sky, the participants made a solemn undertaking: to give an outcome to their spiritual meeting, especially by spreading the experience of meditation on the planet.
And so it was. They decided to establish a planet-wide meditation to unite people all over the world, to be held on Tuesday, the day of their magical meeting.
And so New Earth Circle was born, an international idea formed to promote the practice and promotion of meditation, with the aim of enabling every individual to answer freely the call of Transcendence and thus contribute not only to his own spiritual evolution, but also to the well-being and progress of Mankind.
Since that day, long ago in 1986, the practice of meditation has spread widely over the planet. Every Tuesday evening at 21.00 hrs (20.00 GMT) all over the world groups of people, or single individuals, of all races and creeds get together in a circle of brotherhood, with the shared aim of testifying to a form of spirituality that can be a basis for a better world.
It will probably be forgotten how the process started, but what is important is that the habit of meditating has reached every social class and should continue to spread at an exponential rate.
Meditation, from being seen as an elitist practice before 1986, has now been recognised as an important element capable of providing well-being, and it is practised within religious and philosophical schools as well as in schools of management and research institutes.
And one cannot help noticing, either, how the world situation has changed radically since 1986: nations with opposing ideologies have started to talk; wars have been satisfactorily resolved after decades of fighting; dictatorships have turned into democracies.
Thanks to the work of New Earth Circle, meditation, an instrument of Ascesis, is spreading across the planet and becoming an alternative experience of life, instead of mass practice of religion.
It represents the research of a free individual, impartial and aimed at developing a new form of knowledge uniting science and spirit.